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Customer Lifetime Value
Customer lifetime value is the return during the course of the entire customer relationship.
Usability Research
Usability Research investigates user behaviour to determine the usage quality experienced by the user during the interaction.
Clickstreams collect the data captured while browsing a website. This includes the length of time spent browsing and the type of pages visited.
Lifecycle Analysis
The Lifecycle Analysis evaluates the various phases of a product lifecycle.
Dashboards can be used to present large amounts of information in a clearer way.
Performance Tests
The Performance Test checks the performance of a system or a website when a particular workload is applied.
Management Reporting
Management Reporting provides company management with the information needed for success.
Benchmarking refers to a comparison of efficiency and effectiveness between different programming systems.
Scorecards provide a concrete approach to guidelines, targets, performance indicators and measures.
KPI Tracking
Key Performance Indicators determine figures that reveal progress or completeness of set targets.
A range of transactions that convert, transport or store information or materials. Break-down of processes to identify weaknesses and potential improvements.
Heatmaps visualise those sections of the website that are clicked on the most often by users, or those areas where the cursor spends the most time.
User Interviews
Interviews with users provide insight into their actions and motivations.
Hotspots collect and analyse data with regard to important relationships, co-factors, interactions, dependencies and connections between variables and values.
Target group analysis
Target group analysis records users' previous knowledge and abilities, as well as their needs with regard to the sale of products and services.
Web Analytics/Tracking
User behaviour on websites is recorded and evaluated.