Conceptual design: tailor-made engineering services

Storyboards are a creative technique in which articles are sorted thematically.
Rapid Prototyping
Rapid prototyping is a method of software development that produces a presentable result as quickly as possible.
Use Cases
A use case is a short summary of a software requirement expressed in everyday language.
System design
System design covers the definition of the architecture, its components and modules and the interfaces within a system.
Requirements document
The requirements document contains the conditions required of the product and how to implement them.
Usage scenarios
Various scenarios are described in which an application can be used.
Mindmaps are a cognitive creativity technique that represents an issue visually. This method is usually used for planning steps in a process or for making notes.
Ideas or possible solutions for a specified issue are searched for openly and freely. The suggestions are not yet evaluated.
Information architecture
Information architecture refers to a model of the system. All connections and actions are shown in a model.
UML defines a form of notation and semantics to represent models within business process modelling.
Data modelling
Data modelling refers to model of the data to be processed in a system. These are usually represented graphically to show relationships more clearly.
Stress-inducing scenarios
Various stress-inducing scenarios are described.
User Stories
User stories are a list of software requirements that is deliberately kept as short as possible.
Business logic
Business logic is the division of tasks according to planned logic; it is used in the implementation of software development.
An interface defines which methods are required and explains what they mean.
Specification documents
Specification documents are drawn up by the client and describe the client's product requirements.
Sequence diagrams
Sequence diagrams show the elements of a model in chronological order.
Product backklog
The product backlog contains features that the customer wants the product in development to have. It covers all functions and technical dependencies.