Evaluation: can you handle the truth?

Risk analysis
Risk analysis is a process for identifying potential dangers, as well as their causes.
Sector-specific evaluation
Sector-specific evaluation of processes and results is needed to be able to identify potential improvements.
Business Cases
Business Cases show alternative courses of action and forecast the consequences each one would have for the business.
Time and expense estimation
An estimation is made of how much time and how many people are required for each step or each part of the program, which resources are needed and how much it will cost in the end.
Return on Investment
ROI shows the ratio between profit and capital investment.
Proof of Concept
Proof of concept uses, for example, a prototype to implement a certain method or idea in order to demonstrate the feasibility of a concept.
Scoring of Software solutions
In scoring, qualitative factors and subjective assessments are expressed in numbers as part of a points system; this allows them to be compared.
Non-monetary aspects
Risks and the benefits that cannot be expressed in monetary terms are evaluated.
relative vs. absolute considerations
With this approach, absolute figures (sum or difference) are placed against relative values (ratios or index figures).
Cost-benefit considerations
With this approach, costs incurred are weighed against the expected returns.