Implementation: this is where we make a real difference.

Agile development
Within agile development, software is developed across several cycles; these are known as iterations. The entire development phase is divided into short, consecutive iterations.
Launch planning & control
Launch planning & control has the task of making sure that production processes are designed economically and that they work without any problems.
Software architectures
Software architectures refer to the basic components of a software system and to how they interact with each other within it.
Sprint backlogs
Sprint backlogs – a list of activities required to implement the product backlog features that have been selected for the sprint.
Approvals are when the client confirms to the contractor that the agreed features have been created and that the latter has fulfilled his or her part of the contract.
Look back-analysis
During the look-back analysis, the completed projects are analysed to make sure that no previous errors are repeated in new projects.
Audits are general analytical procedures intended to evaluate processes to ensure that requirements and guidelines have been fulfilled.
Prototype development
Prototype development is a method of software development within which one or more possible prototypes are created, rather than a complete software system.
Burn-down charts
Burn-down charts are graphic representations that illustrate the progress of the project. The curve shows how much work remains at any given point in time in order to attain the desired result.
Code review
Code review is a systematic check of the program source code. The intention is to improve the overall quality of the software.
Software training
Software training sessions ensure that all users can always obtain the maximum from their programs.
Manuals are collected texts about a particular software and are intended as a reference.
Retrospectives are reviews of completed projects; they are useful for making new projects more efficient.
Success check
The success check is the control instrument that analyses the success of the production process, allowing future activities to be optimised and budgets to be used efficiently.